There is no good explanation of how our night sky became so dark when it is supposed to be extremely bright, even at night time. (The bright night)

With the basics of my theory of Echo From Future (, I do find something that will help to solve the dark night sky puzzle, and interestingly it does not even require much mathematics.

This is due to the Divergent and Convergent of events. It is very interesting to see our night sky so dark; however, it would be even darker if there is no convergent events.

Basically every particle transaction in the universe creates a time loop. Every time after a time loop restarted creates a new reality. Every new reality will change events from previous reality. Life is full of random activities. There could have natural random events that does not involve any life form interaction.

Without randomness, everything is destined and very likely no life will be found on earth as earth will be burnt because too much energy can reach earth at night and day time too. Every event will replay exactly the same in each loop. Nothing can change at all.

Every time loop and can create a new reality randomly with the random interactions of life forms, and the number of time loops are infinity. Every restarted reality especially for those interstellar particles journey will create different events. Basically this is how divergence can create a dark night sky.

First assuming in every transaction, every stage from probe wave to consolidate particle to reach the destined receiver cannot be changed in order to complete the transaction, otherwise, the transaction will start again.

The reality’s future also has to match the reality’s past.

There should have interactions between the positive particles and echoes before consolidated particles transmit out along the paths of the echoes chosen. During transaction, if something in echoes reality (duo to time loops of other particles) changed, the history of particles also changed due to the interaction of the positive particles and the echoes back from future changed, and the reality will be forced to restart starting at the time of changed interaction of positive and echoes of negative particles.

The destined

It started with a particle sending a probe wave to the end of the Universe which triggers echoes along the way via different receiver locations. The star lights we see in the night sky could be billions or millions of light year away from us. It is a picture of the past. These are echoes from our eyes going back millions of years until it reaches the original transmitter, and a consolidated particle (particle in solid state instead of wave state) which started the journey all over again then back to your eyes. Moreover, every light particle from different stars into your eye were from different time of the past at different distance and location. However, they still reach your eyes without anything happening to block or stop them. We were not even born when the particles started the journey. These are the destined particles. The receivers at millions of light years away does not exist yet when the particle start over to complete the journey. The receivers have to be destined to be there when the particles reach your eyes millions or billions of years later.

We all know that if events in life are totally randomized, there is zero guarantee that somebody will be born to watch some star lights after millions or billions of years later. This is because there could be uncountable Divergent events within such a long period of time which could interrupt the paths or erase the destinations. Therefore, something has to happen to safe-guard the light particles to be received in its destiny once the transmitter shoots out the consolidated particles to the receivers many years away in the future to enable us to see some diminished intensity star lights.

Erased destinations

If the destined receivers do not exist at the time the particles are supposed to reach the receivers that send out the echo, the whole process will be erased and will start over again. If the receivers were not in the positions to receive the destined particles, it will actually erase the realities of the echoes back to the transmitters. No echoes comes back to the transmitter, which means no consolidated particles shoot out. Thus, the transmitter will choose a different echo to restart the process of solidified particles transmission and chances are getting a shorter distance receiver from a local solar system.

Even a small change of resultant probe wave potential could change the echo to a different transmitter or even not responding with any echo to anywhere at all.

Any particles, probe wave or echoes in the whole transaction process interrupted or blocked from other events or objects or receivers disappeared in the destined locations will cause the transaction erased totally and caused a restart.

A restart will not necessary means the echo from the same receiver will be chosen again unless the receiver is destined and there are convergent events created with protected paths.

The longer the distance between transmitters and receivers, the longer the time for the transaction, the more chances of getting erased or restarted.

Supposed there are five transmitters along a path and the end of the path has a receiver destined for the first transmitter. The first transmitter will send a probe wave and get an echo from the receiver. Every transmitter in between also sending probe wave to the receiver and reaching the receiver at the same time with the first transmitter and will do a restart and will change the resulted probe wave at the receiver before the transaction of the first particle completed. It also means there are 4 particles in between the period that could change the transaction event of transmitter 1. If the resultant probe wave change at the receiver, it will reset the first transmitter to probe wave again. Eventually for the first transmitter to get to the receiver has to go through four other transmitters. Every transmitters after the first transmitter can change the reality during restart and potentially reset the first transmitter.

Every transmitters can stop transmission or received echo from a different locations at every changed reality. Therefore the longer the distance, the more transmitters’ events in between and the more chances of restart for transmitter 1. However if transmitter 1 restart or the receiver send an echo to somewhere else, everything restarted again. Anything change in a new reality could impact the past and the future.  Every time a transmitter restart, it could pick another particle with a shorter distance and getting lesser chances of reset again. There might not have big difference of the chances of being restarted for the receivers on earth or within 8 minutes or 100 minutes of distance within our solar distance. But the difference of chances of transmitters of being reset would be astronomical between 1 light years away and 8 minutes away. Every time a reset occur, the new echo chosen would be more likely come from a receiver in a local solar system.

Every stars are transmitting multiple particles at the same time, and there are many stars at different distance from us. Every Star has very much higher tendency to transmit to their local planets or even within the stars before sending particles outside its solar system. Every particle restart in the local planet can change a reality, and reset all the long distance particles that going outside the local solar system.

If we change the particles at day time, it could also affect somebody in millions years away watching the star lights from us.


In quantum physics, there is a term called butterfly effects. It actually about some change in the past could cause a very huge different sometime in future. Not every butterfly can cause a big windstorm somewhere 20years in the future, but there could have a few butterfly were in the positions or locations that could cause a big gigantic events in 20 or 30 years in the future.

Not every decisions we made in our daily life will cause much influence in the future. But somebody in the positions of leaders of countries, communities, or organisations can have huge impact of what we would be facing.

Those decisions could made a huge difference in our future even if we live in it would not even realised how big the difference (could be good or could be bad) those decisions could cause.

Duration of time will be a major factor to determine how many consolidated particles can reach its destinations of light years away. The longer the distance, the less likely a particle can reach its destination due to the Divergent factors.

The particles from our sun transmit to the destined receivers on Earth has a much shorter distance than the stars outside our solar system. Even the closest solar systems (in Milky Way, our galaxy) are in the range of several light years away while sun light particles will only take under 9 minutes to reach earth. Imagine what could have changed in a year’s time. How many things could have happened to make any destined events disappeared in a year’s time?  How do you compare the events you can predict in 8 minutes to the events after a year later? The stars out there are most likely million or billions of years away. The majority of them started the transmission to your eyes before human civilization exist on earth. There is absolutely no guaranteed somebody in certain place to send an echo back and guided the particle millions of light years back into somebody’s eye.



Convergent and Divergent Events

Furthermore, how many events can be predicted after millions of light years?  These events in the future of millions years are basically totally unpredictable, but yet we can still see the star lights all over the sky and sending echoes back to attract light particle into our eyes even after billions of light years. The chances of seeing those particles from the stars in the sky are supposed to be zero if events in the universe are totally random. I called these Divergent events and these random events are in a huge majority. But somehow we can still see a lot of stars in the night sky even though the light intensity are much reduced probably at the scale of  of our day light. Obviously something is making some destined events happening. I called these very small portions Convergent events.

The time loops are the actual mechanism that creating all kinds of divergent events. It could probably create every possible scenarios of what events could become in every corners of the universe.

When the transmitters restarted the transmission after received the echoes from our eyes and start over the journey millions of years before our birth, what is the chances of the particles can repeat the probe wave journey and once again gets into our eyes?

What is the chances of the resultant electrical potential of probe wave at the receivers without changes at every realities in each time loops?

In theory, the time loops will create every possible scenarios or realities but only one can be selected in the final realities. There is uncountable or infinitive possibilities of divergent events that could happen in our daily life in those erased realities in time loops. The number of possible events created and erased in the time loops are infinity. In mathematics we cannot find a number so big for infinity. If picking one event out randomly from infinitive number of events in a repeat consolidate particle reality after the probe wave reality, the chances of getting the exact same events in the repeated reality in the journey millions of light years long after erasing probe wave realities is zero.

The probabilities to make events happen consistently the same in different realities is way too low that we are not even supposed to see anything at night in the sky, because of divergent,  all repeated realities after received echoes will be changed and no way to complete the whole transactions of  any interstellar travelling distance.

With only divergence, Olber’s paradox would not exist as night sky is supposed to be even much darker than what we are getting. We could have a pitch dark sky paradox instead.

By looking at the brightness of our current night sky, we know something has to be destined and these destined events make particles comes to our eyes and make us see the star light at night.


The Divergent events is a major cause of making our night sky so dark. Without Convergence, out night sky could be much darker.

It is the destined events that lit up the night sky with stars light.



Nov 19, 2014



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