Quantum Transient Mechanics

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Life and Science theory.

The original : Quantum Transient Mechanics

The rule of spherical attenuation may not be good enough to explain our universe setting.
It is because our current knowledge of particle transaction(2014) has a lot of missing parts.
Human needs to work harder in figuring out the particle and wave relationship.
No rules can be correct at 100% of time in all situations.
Newton's rules work well in general situations but relativity will be required at speed approaching light speed.
New conditions will require new rules.
In some situations, we will need more than just the rule of spherical attenuation.
-- Olber's paradox
-- Bright night sky
-- Spherical Attenuation in our Universe setting
There is no good explanation of dark night sky. I also do not believe space expansion is the answer. -- About expanding universe

Divergence would be the main reason why our night sky is dark, and it could be even darker without convergence.
If the stars we see are all due to convergence, the night sky should be total darkness if no convergence event can survive the long journey with erosive and interruptible divergent events.
This could become a major milestone for proving my whole theory. Moreover, NO mathematic equations required.
-- The reason for having a dark night sky, I think

Life is related. -- There is Karma

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About Olbers' paradox.

How bright could be our night sky?

Night sky should be darker without destined events.

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